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Multi-Currency Processing

With eMerchant Gateway you’ll be able to process payment for your customers no matter where they are located in the world with our Multi-Currency Processing.

If you’re an online merchant, you know the importance of being able to do business anywhere. With Multi-Currency Processing from eMerchant Gateway, you can process customer payments no matter where they’re located in the world. Multi-Currency Processing allows your customers to use their local currency to pay for your products or services. All transactions are then automatically converted to your currency.

This important sales tool can help you expand internationally and stand out from your competitors. You can even set prices using the different foreign currencies, and then receive settlement and reporting in your own currency. All of this helps make global shopping easier, more transparent and more profitable. Being able to offer Multi-Currency Processing will allow you to market to international customers and increase overall sales and profitability for your business.


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