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Fraud Center

One of eMerchant Gateways main priorities is helping our merchants prevent fraud.

Fraud Manager
One of eMerchant Gateways main priorities is helping our merchants prevent fraud . This is why eMerchant Gateway supplies each of its merchants with the Modular Stack Fraud Center. This unique tool will be able to help protect your business from fraudulent transactions. With the correct settings in place , you will be able to prevent 99.9% of fraud. It is very easy to use, yet one of the most advanced fraud preventions tools on the web, complete with:

Card ID Verification

Use this feature to check the ID number on customers’ credit cards and verify their use is genuine. The ID is the three-digit number on the back of Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards, and the four-digit number on the front of American Express cards.

Address Verification System (AVS)

This automated system verifies your customer’s billing addresses with each purchase and alerts you to any unreported changes.

Buyer Authentication

By adding the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode programs through this module, merchants can give themselves an additional layer of protection against the potential financial costs associated with fraud.

Duplicate Detection

Easily detect and cancel any duplicate transactions that may have been simple mistakes. This module will catch when a customer double-clicks on the “order” or “submit” button during checkout, which is especially useful if your shopping cart software isn’t capable of doing so.

Fraud Profiler

With this feature, you can perform a real-time overall fraud risk assessment of each transaction. If it results in a score higher than a preset threshold, then the transaction is blocked. The assessment uses both automated and human traffic pattern analysis, and risk triggers include sudden changes in the number of transactions, dollar amounts, customer’s countries and prior decline rate. In addition to flagging individual transactions, this module will also build a “blacklist” of suspicious IP addresses.

Multiple Credit Cards

Some fraudsters use the “brute force” method of entering stolen credit card numbers until one is approved. If suspicious amounts of card numbers are entered for the same order number or from the same IP address, this module will block the transaction. You can adjust the settings to determine the point at which transactions are blocked.

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