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Customer Billing Database

As a merchant you can keep an up to date list of your customers in your eMerchant Gateway Customer Billing Database.

As a merchant, it’s vital to have an up-to-date list of your customers available at all times. eMerchant Gateway’s Customer Billing Database is a simple-to-use but advanced service that allows you to store, access, edit and delete your customers and their billing data.

Our Customer Billing Database also allows you to set up multiple billing options, including checks. You can even put together recurring billing plans for you customers. By allowing your customers to keep multiple credit cards as well as checking options on file, they’ll feel secure and happy knowing their payments are being made in a timely fashion, without them having to re-enter their billing information every time.

All customer data is stored safely and securely on the eMerchant Gateway servers and is accessible through our easy-to-use interface and/or API. The eMerchant Gateway is a Level -1 PCI compliant gateway, giving you the confidence that your customer’s sensitive data is safe and secure. Our Customer Billing Database is very user-friendly, but at the same time packs advanced features for merchants, including the following:

• Store multiple credit cards and payment methods for your customers

• Customize your views with the “Save Your Own” viewing option

• Easily search and sort your customer data

• Create customer categories

• Access to detailed customer billing history

• Bulk-edit or import customers

• Bulk edit or import customers

• and more…

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